Volunteer Opportunities

Part of the success of the Kiltie Band is the contribution of the parents by donating their valuable time.   We encourage all parents to volunteer for the Kiltie Band for at least one event.   All volunteers are trained on their job, and no one is expected to work alone.  

What can you do to help?   Click the link below to see the list of volunteer opportunities.   If you have questions, please contact our volunteer coordinator at KiltieVolunteer@gmail.com.  Don't wait, sign up today! 

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Click the Kiltie icon to: (a) Reactivate your volunteer account with Sarasota County, and (b) Record your volunteer hours you have donated to the best band in the land, the Riverview High School Kiltie Band.

Click the Kiltie icon to: (a) Reactivate your volunteer account with Sarasota County, and (b) Record your volunteer hours you have donated to the best band in the land, the Riverview High School Kiltie Band.

Kiltie Band Fundraisers

Every band parent is automatically a member of the Riverview High School Kiltie Band Boosters.  This group plays an important part in helping the Kiltie Band program.  The Boosters provide support for projects, events, and financial assistance.  It also works to promote social and recreational gatherings for members, their families and friends, and for creating a social, cooperative spirit. 

We encourage all to participate in the following fundraisers to benefit the Kiltie Band.  If you have a question about any of our fundraisers, please do not hesitate to contact our Fundraising Chairperson

Would you like to know how much is in your Kiltie's Travel Account?  Email Patricia Tarlton for details.

ShopWithScrip Fundraiser

We have teens; therefore, we are big consumers.   Now you can earn rebates for your student’s trips and band needs just by the purchases you already make!  

We buy items for our school and business needs (Office Depot/Staples), groceries and household needs (Walmart/Target), gift cards for teachers gifts, birthday gifts (Google/Apple), restaurants (Applebee’s/Starbucks), movies, gas stations, retail stores (Bath and Body Works, Kohls), and much more.   Before you go out to eat or shop, sign in & purchase these same gift cards from this web site ShopWithScrip.com

This web site offers over 300 brands that will send you a digital gift card, making it immediately available.   Over 100 of them are reloadable! 

To start saving, login to your account.   Review the list of vendors participating in this program.  Place your cursor over the vendor you are interested in to see the rebate percentage and if digital Scrip available immediately or a traditional plastic card.  You then earn funds with: 80% of the rebate earned deposited into your student's trip savings account; 20% is contributed to the Kiltie Band.  

How does it work?  Purchase the Scrip before you shop, a digital it is available on your smart phone.   When you check out, present the barcode to the cashier instead of using cash or a credit card at checkout.   (My personal very favorite hint -- screenshot and text an ecard to your student or family member!) 

We make a group order to buy plastic gift cards twice a year Aug/Sept and April/May.  If you prefer to purchase gift cards to mail to friends and family at a later date, you are welcome to.   

Why not use Scrip for your vacations?   Carnival Cruise Lines, Hotels.com, AirBnB, Disney plus various rental car companies and hotels are just a few of the options available. 

Questions about this fundraiser?   Contact Mrs. Laura Meyer  via email or call 941-961-0721.

Create an account:

  1. Go to ShopWithScrip.com. 
  2. Click the blue button at the top of the screen labeled "Join a Program". 
  3. Enter this Enrollment Code to join:  5F4BCC5163497
  4. Click the blue button labeled "Register". 
  5. Create an account.

After you create an account, log on to your account and shop gift cards from over 750 brands at ShopWithScrip.com.    You then earn funds with 80% of each rebate on the gift card deposited directly into your student's trip account; 20% is contributed to the Kiltie Band. 

"Like" and follow ShopWithScrip on Facebook to get updates on special bonus rebates throughout the year.

    The Giving Partner - April 28-29, 2020

    The Giving Partner reflects many nonprofits in our community that have made a commitment to transparency by sharing in-depth information about their community impact, leadership and financial history.  The Community Foundation of Sarasota County verifies much of the information provided; each nonprofit is required to maintain an updated profile in order to be eligible for funding and other opportunities.    The Kiltie Band participated in this fundraiser in April, 2020, and supporters donated over $11,000!    


    Giving Challenge

    This opportunity - next offered in April, 2022.   Thanks to thousands of people who decided to #BeTheOne to make a difference, our community raised $11.7 million for more than 630 local nonprofits during the 2018 Giving Challenge, presented by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County with giving strengthened by The Patterson Foundation.  Since 2012, donors have shown their love for local nonprofits by providing more than $40 million in unrestricted funding.


    AMAZON Smiles on the Kiltie Band! 

    Do you purchase items from Amazon?   Click the link below and  "Start Shopping".  

    • Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the Kiltie Band. 

    • AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. 

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    Tervis Tumbler Fundraiser

    Kiltie Carpool