Kiltie Sponsors

Please visit the following businesses who have donated to the RHS Kiltie Band.  With their support, our Kiltie Band continues to travel and perform in various cities throughout the United States.   We thank them all for their continued support.

If you would like to sponsor a Kiltie student to help pay for the trips they are personally responsible for financing, print this form and mail to our Booster office at:  PO Box 18504, Sarasota FL  34276. 

2017 Fiesta Drive, Sarasota, Florida 34231 941-209-5801

1100 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 100

(941) 306-0105


5350 McIntosh Road
(941) 927-9491
Jeff Flanders, Owner/President
Commercial & Residential Propane Tanks

8420 S. Tamiami Trail, Pelican Plaza (941) 966-0024

Amazon Smiles on the Kiltie Band