State Concert MPA 2018 - April 28, 2018

El Camino Real

The Klaxon March

O Magnum Mysterium

Sousa Concert - February 2, 2018

Wind Ensemble  "Hymnsong of Ballad"

Wind Ensemble "El Camino Real"

Wind Ensemble "Washington Post"

Wind Ensemble "Stars and Stripes Forever"

Syphonic Winds  "Nathan Hale Trilogy"

Wind Ensemble "Klaxton March"

Symphonic Winds  "American River Songs"

Mr. Spreen's Final Spring Concert - May 4, 2017

Wind Ensemble "Stars and Stripes"

Bobby Bruner playing Etude Opus 25

RHS Kiltie Band Pipers

Wind Ensemble "Les Preludes"

RHS Color Guard:  pirate themed production of "Arrrrgghh"

RHS Dancers and Pipers

Wind Ensemble "English Girl"

Symphonic Band:  Brighton Beach: 00:41, Prelude, Siciliano, & Rondo: 5:24

Varsity Band:  Fanfare: 00:46, Nettleton: 4:38, and Of Kings & Kingdoms: 8:58

2017 Halftime Performances

11/10/17-Pregame Show

9/1/17: First RHS Kiltie Band performance of the season in Venice

11/10/17-Halftime show at RHS

11/2017:   Future Kiltie Night March-In

11/2017:  Future Kilties perform with the band

2016 MPA Performance

2016 Award Winning Drum Majors:  Riad Bećirević, Meredith Housh, and Matt Bolinder with Mr. Spreen

2016 Award Winning Drum Majors: Riad Bećirević, Meredith Housh, and Matt Bolinder with Mr. Spreen

Mr. Spreen's final Marching Performance Assessment (MPA) with the Riverview High School Kiltie Band before his retirement did not disappoint.  On October 29, 2016, the Kiltie Marching Band received Superior ratings at Manatee High School in all aspects of their performance by the Florida Bandmasters Association District 11 MPA to attain their 58th Superior overall rating:

  • (Judge #1) Music: Superior
  • (Judge #2) Music: Superior
  • (Judge #3) Marching/Maneuvering: Superior
  • (Judge #4) General Effect: Superior
  • (Judge #5) Auxiliary: Superior
  • (Judge #6) Percussion: Superior

A video of their unbelievable performance is proudly displayed below in it's entirety.   The Kiltie's reaction to the judge's scores is below, as well. 

A final thank you to Mr. Spreen for his many years of hard work and dedication to our students and to our school.  He earned 24 Superior ratings at the MPA's during his 24 years with Riverview High School.  

Congratulations to the "Best Band in the Land": The Riverview High School Kiltie Band!!!

2016 Fall Performances

9/9/16-Halftime show at RHS

10/21/16-Future Kiltie Night at RHS with Sarasota Middle School and Brookside Middle School students performing
11/17/16:  Fall Concert-RHS Kiltie Marching Band
11/17/16:  Fall Concert-Saxophone Quartet
11/17/16:  Fall Concert-Symphonic Winds
9/16/16-Halftime show at RHS

10/21/16-Halftime show at RHS

11/17/16:  Fall Concert-RHS Pipers
11/17/16:  Fall Concert-Wind Ensemble
10/14/16-Halftime show at Manatee HS

11/4/16-SNN Reporting on the RHS Kilties as the Band of the Week
11/17/16:  Fall Concert-Drum Line
11/17/16:  Fall Concert-Sarasota Middle Advanced Band with the Kiltie Band

2016 Spring Performances

April 16, 2016-Taped live in Lee Chapel, Elizabeth Hall, Stetson University in Deland, FL, at the Stetson University Invitational Honors Band Festival.
Spring, 2016-Wind Ensemble Concert
Spring, 2016-Pipers
Spring, 2016-Percussion ensemble
Spring, 2016-Trombone Trio
Spring, 2016-Marimba Trio
Spring, 2016-Highland Dancers
Spring, 2016-Color Guard
Spring, 2016-Wind Ensemble
Spring, 2016-Trombone duet

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