RHS Kiltie Scholarship Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the RHS Kiltie Scholarship Foundation is to provide educational opportunities to members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and/or excellence in the band as well as service and ambassadorship within the Kiltie organization. In particular, the committee seeks to support qualified members to take advantage of specific opportunities for advancement with the understanding that the membership and the dedication to the band will benefit as a result of the knowledge and experience gained. This program exists to further two specific objectives - to provide the widest possible range of music education to the greatest number of members and to support the development of music and leadership opportunities in post-secondary education and future life experiences.

Senior Scholarship- The Senior Scholarship is open to graduating seniors who exemplify one or more of the core values of the Riverview High School Kiltie Band.  These scholarships are awarded to help in the post-graduation growth of students' musical, dance, and leadership abilities as well as to help to build the Kiltie Band program.  

Summer Program Scholarship- Scholarships are awarded to any Kiltie band member to cover 50% of a summer dance, musical, or leadership program up to $250.  Summer Program Scholarships are awarded to help in the growth of students’ musical, dance, and leadership abilities as well as to help to build the Kiltie Band program. Click here for detailed information on completing the application.

Private Lesson Reimbursement- Private lesson reimbursement is open to all Kiltie band members who desire to pursue outside instruction for music, dance, or guard lessons.  Reimbursements are given for two lessons per month at a rate of 50% of the lesson up to $35 for a maximum of 10 lessons.


Questions:  Email the Scholarship Foundation at Kiltiescholarship@gmail.com