Kiltie Band Fundraisers

Every band parent is automatically a member of the Riverview High School Kiltie Band Boosters.  This group plays an important part in helping the Kiltie Band program.  The Boosters provide support for projects, events, and financial assistance.  It also works to promote social and recreational gatherings for members, their families and friends, and for creating a social, cooperative spirit. 

We encourage all to participate in the following fundraisers to benefit the Kiltie Band.  If you have a question about any of our fundraisers, please do not hesitate to contact our Fundraising Chairperson

Would you like to know how much is in your Kiltie's Travel Account?  Email  Nikki Wolfe for details.

Wendy's Fundraiser

Wendy's Restaurant Fundraiser Help the Kilties and enjoy eating at Wendy’s!! Click the Wendy's logo below and print the vouchers for Wendy’s. Present the voucher when when you order your meal, and 15% of your purchase will come back to the Kilties! This offer extends through the end of December, 2016. Easy, Breezy, Yummy! Thanks for supporting the Kilties!! 522 KB
Wendys logo


PDQ has generously started a fundraiser with the Kiltie band whereas you may purchase a gift card to their restaurant for $7,  and it has a value of $10!  The benefit is twofold:  you save $3 when you eat at their establishment, and PDQ donates money back to the Kilties for the transaction!  These cards are available at the Home football games at the merchandise booth and upon request, simply contact the Booster President

Concession Stand

At each football home game, the concession stands are run by the Kiltie Boosters; volunteer parents donate their time working in each of the two stands and all profits go back to the band.  Next time you're at a Riverview High School Rams football game, please visit the concession stand as your purchase benefits us. 

Tervis Tumbler Fundraiser

With each Tervis Tumbler purchase, a portion of the proceeds is deposited directly into a Kiltie's Trip Account!   The breakdown of how they can earn funds for their next trip is:

16 ounce Tervis:  $15 cost (Kiltie earns $5)

16 ounce Tervis with lid:  $18 cost (Kiltie earns $5)

24 ounce Tervis:  $20 cost (Kiltie earns $6)

Water Bottle with lid:  $24 cost (Kiltie earns $8)




Left to right:
24 ounce tumbler, water bottle, 20 ounce tumbler

Left to right: 24 ounce tumbler, water bottle, 20 ounce tumbler

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